A Look at the Primary Benefits of Integrative Optometry

Every year, advancements in medical science and understanding allow practitioners to provide even better care for their patients, including patients treated by optometrists in Cincinnati, OH. Integrative medicine is a step above general medical care; this modern approach to caring for a patient integrates complementary treatments to create a more comprehensive care plan. Integrative optometry follows that same idea. Here is a look at the primary benefits of integrative optometry.

Eye Health Is Examined as Part of Whole Health

Your eyes may seem like such a unique part of your body, but the eyes are still organs, and still a major part of your overall health. In fact, an eye doctor can look at the eyes and find evidence of other issues like heart disease or diabetes. With integrative optometry, your eye health is examined as part of your overall health. Therefore, general eye exams may be more comprehensive.

Treatment Is More Than Simply Medication

If you come in for emergency eye care in Cincinnati, OH at our office, we will do all we can to treat you in a way that will protect your vision. While medicine may be part of the plan, an integrative optometrist will take things a step beyond. For example, you may be recommended for visual therapy or a complementary holistic care plan until you recover to heighten the chance of a positive outcome.

Integrative Optometry Examines Natural Treatments

One of the greatest advantages of integrative optometry is the inclusion of natural treatments that may not be part of orthodox care. For example, if you have an eye infection, we may make recommendations about lifestyle changes and certain remedies that can help clear the infection.

Get the Care You Need from an Integrative Eye Doctor in Cincinnati

Your vision is so valuable to your everyday quality of life. Whether it is general optometric care or something more serious, a comprehensive approach with an integrative eye doctor is for the best. Reach out to us at OIC Integrative Optometry to schedule your appointment today.

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