When Should I See the Eye Doctor?

How often do you see the eye doctor? You should be going to the eye doctor on a consistent basis. In this article, we’ll talk about how important it is to get regular eye exams in Cincinnati, OH, and how often you should be seeing your eye doctor. If you’re a parent, you should also know how important it is for your child to be seeing the eye doctor regularly! Here’s what you need to know.

See the Eye Doctor Every Year

Most adults should see the eye doctor every year, even if they have never needed vision correction. Eyes can develop health conditions at any stage, at any age. Seeing the eye doctor helps ensure that your eyes are healthy. This means you should be seeing the eye doctor even if your vision is clear. Do it once per year, around the same time that you see the dentist and go to the doctor for your annual physical.

At Age 1, Then Every Year Before School Starts

Children should see the eye doctor before their first birthday, to check for serious eye diseases and vision problems that could affect their development as they grow up. Some children with vision trouble get glasses when they’re very young.

Your child’s eye doctor in Cincinnati, OH will be able to tell you if your child needs vision correction. Unless the doctor says they need to return again sooner, your child won’t need to see the eye doctor again until they’re starting school. They should see the eye doctor every year before going back to school in the fall.

When You Notice Symptoms

See the eye doctor when you’re noticing symptoms. If your vision changes suddenly, or if you’re having trouble seeing, see your eye doctor for an eye exam as soon as possible.

How long has it been since you saw the eye doctor? Call today to make your appointment!

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