Wire Rim or Plastic Glasses? What to Know Before You Decide

There’s a big difference between wire rim and plastic glasses. The weight, character and appearance of each type of glasses are completely different! If you’re trying to choose between these two glasses materials and aren’t sure which one is right for you, then read on to learn more about choosing glasses. Before you go to the eye doctor in Cincinnati OH, it’s helpful to know some information about the eyeglasses you might be choosing.

About Wire Rim Glasses

Wire rim glasses are lightweight, practical, and very professional in appearance. Some people prefer wire rim glasses because they’re very durable, and can often be bent slightly without breaking.

One thing to dislike about wire rim glasses? They have plastic nose pads, which need to be replaced periodically. Nose pads that aren’t replaced periodically may develop a green coloring on the inner side.

About Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses come in bold, noticeable colors. Many people love plastic because they’re vibrant! Plastic glasses are also in style right now, which means that there are many types of plastic glasses available to choose from.

What’s not to love about plastic glasses? For one thing, they’re not bendable. Most of the time, plastic glasses under pressure will break. In addition, plastic glasses are often heavier than wire rimmed glasses. Getting used to plastic after years of wearing wires can be tough.

How to Make a Decision

Not sure which types of glasses are right for you? Start by getting an eye exam from your eye doctor in Cincinnati OH. Once you’ve seen the eye doctor, you’ll be able to try on different glasses until you find the right kind for you.