3 Steps to Take to Get Used to Your New Contact Lenses

When traditional eyeglasses are not the most desirable option, contact lenses in Cincinnati, OH can be a good alternative for most patients. However, if you are new to wearing contact lenses, the process can be a little intimidating at first. Check out a few tips to help you get used to wearing your new contact lenses.

1. Wear the lenses for a few hours at a time

Most patients will not be comfortable enough to put their brand new lenses in place and wear them all day if they have never worn contacts before. Instead, you should aim for wearing the lenses for a few hours at a time and then taking them out to give your eyes a rest. Over the first few days, try to wear the lenses for a little longer each time you put them in.

2. Be sure to lubricate the lens and eye frequently

One of the biggest challenges with contacts is keeping them lubricated and keeping your eyes lubricated. During the adjustment period, you may notice that your eyes feel dryer than usual. This is because getting used to the lenses in your eyes may lead to some excessive tearing. Make sure to use plenty of the prescribed solution to keep the eyes and lenses moist.

3. Practice putting in and taking out your contact lenses

The hardest part about getting used to your new contact lenses is learning how to put the lenses in your eyes and how to take them out without causing discomfort. While simple, it can take a few tries to get used to getting the lens placed in the precise spot. The general rule is, if you can feel the lens or it is getting in the way of your visual field, it is not in the right position. As you get used to your new lenses, pay special attention to figuring out how to install and remove them.

Talk to an Eye Doctor in Cincinnati, OH

To make sure you get contact lenses that are made to be the perfect fit, it is important to work with a qualified eye doctor in Cincinnati for help. Reach out to us at OIC Integrative Optometry to schedule your appointment to discuss contact lenses.

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